A Collective Effort

Sacristy Restoration 2019-20

The sacristy, an expansive room behind the altar area (sanctuary) where preparations for liturgical services take place, underwent an extensive restoration of the tile and marble flooring and cabinetry.

Project Cost: $83,500

LaFarge and Connick stained glass windows restored 2018-19

Eighteen stained glass windows created by two of the finest American craftsmen of the past century underwent a complete restoration.

Project Cost: $144,000

Light the Cathedral 2016-18

Upgraded the light fixtures to support LED energy-efficient bulbs and improved overall brightness on the main church level.

Project Cost: $144,502


Cathedral St. Paul Lighting Restoration

Historic 244 Dayton Building 2016

(244 Dayton Ave.) Built in 1922 by Maginnis and Walsh, Boston-based architects known for building Catholic churches and campuses, including the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C., and Boston College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. The Dayton Building was originally built to serve as a chancery, or an archdiocese’s legal and administrative headquarters.

Designed in the Renaissance Revival style, also known as Beaux Arts, the building is on the National Register of Historic Places and part of the Historic Hill District.

Project Cost: $800,000

Rose Window

Restored the north and south Rose windows with lead alloy frames made to withstand extremes in fluctuating temperatures.

Donation needed still.

$210,000 total $196,655 raised (since 2015)

Let it Shine! 2014

Repaired, honed and polished the 100-year-old marble floors on the main level. It encompassed 13,500 square feet and 35 varieties of marble.

Project Cost: $118,600

SOUND OFF! 2010-13

Restored and enhanced the Cathedral’s two historic pipe organs. Added 1,000 pipes, casework, two new consoles, choir seating, plus improved heating and lighting in the gallery.

Project Cost: $3.4 million