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About The Cathedral Heritage Foundation

Photo by Doug Ohman


Beginning with the festive laying of its cornerstone in 1907, the present Cathedral of Saint Paul serves as an important part of the civic community.

It is a popular destination for local students and artists as well as for tourists from around the world. It is included on the National Register of Historic Places and draws over 200,000 visitors each year. The architectural engineering and heroic labors it took to build the Cathedral make it an important piece of our region’s history. It is a worthy successor to the simple log chapel of 1841 that gave the city its name. In a country without a very long history, there are many lessons still to be learned in the continual care and upkeep required by a building made to stand for many centuries. 

It is hoped that a greater awareness about this monument will generate an enthusiastic response.

It is a difficult but rewarding task of preserving the Cathedral for the appreciation of future generations. We can hardly let the commitment of the pioneers, immigrants, parishioners, and philanthropists over the course of its first hundred years be left unmatched by the present beneficiaries of their imagination and sacrifices.

Photo by Doug Ohman

Board of Curators

The Cathedral Heritage Foundation is a non-profit, historic preservation, cultural and arts organization established to preserve, restore, and enhance the Cathedral of Saint Paul. The CHF is governed by a volunteer Board of Curators (Directors) responsible for the organization’s oversight. Our Board of Curators is comprised of individuals from the Twin Cities community with diverse business, professional, and community volunteer backgrounds. Collectively, we who are committed to preserving, restoring, and enhancing the Cathedral of Saint Paul as a civic and architectural landmark, and promoting its use as a venue for cultural, educational, and artistic events for the entire community.

Mary E. Schaffner, Board Chair
Brian Harens, Treasurer
Barbara H. Dries, Secretary
David Marquette
Scott Billeadeau
Dr. John A. Dowdle
Dr. David Dries
Daniel “Tad” Eldredge
Brian Harens
Mary Harens

Andrew Kuhrmeyer
Dr. Paul Kuhrmeyer
Ursula Kuhrmeyer
Robert L. Lee
Jan McCall
Wesley Sandholm
Cay Shea

Patrick M. Ryan, Ex-Officio
Rev. John L. Ubel, Ex-Officio

Curators Emeritus/a
Joseph S. Micallef
Mary Ann Okner
Julie Brady