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July 2020 Newsletter

COVID Cleaning

Facility Supervisor Jerry Adam keeps the Cathedral well stocked with cleaning supplies. Following every Mass, the pews are wiped down with sanitizer and floors are swept clean. For updates on re-opening the Cathedral, check the website:

TPT-TV Documentary Crew

Our Cathedral’s history in welcoming immigrants will be featured in a new documentary produced by Twin Cities Public Television. The TV crew came in to shoot video of the Shrines of Nations, the series of chapels along the ambulatory behind the sanctuary. The six shrines honor the spiritual heritage of the immigrant peoples who settled in Minnesota and built the cities and culture of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. The cultures represented include: Italian, French and French Canadians, Irish, German, Slavic, and one for all the missions.

Of special interest to the TV crew was the Blessed Mary in the Hmong tradition. The videographer captured her in the forefront of the Blessed Virgin Mary Chapel. No air date for the documentary has been set.

Remembering Lily of the Mohawks in July, the month of her Feast Day

Jesuit missionaries arrived in the Huron Valley in 1632, dedicated to evangelizing Native Americans and ministering to white settlers. Their work among the Hurons was verified by the faith and virtue of the natives, among them Kateri Tekakwitha, Lily of the Mohawks.

St. Kateri Tekawitha (pronounced kä’tu-rē tek”u-kwith’u) was born in 1656. Her father was a Kanienkehaka chief, and her mother, an Algonquin Catholic. Smallpox swept through her village, killing her parents and her baby brother, and left Kateri weakened, scarred, and partially blind.

St. Kateri Tekakwitha is featured here bearing the small pox scars which cleared upon her death and was considered a miracle. Below, she is featured in the south rose window of the Cathedral.

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Souvenir Gift Idea

Cathedral Tote Bag $10

Our Cathedral Tote Bags are now available for purchase online. This reusable bag features original artwork by @InSehnDesigns and was made from the same template and manufacturer as the popular Lululemon bags. For every $10 purchase, $8 goes towards the CHF’s restoration fund for the maintenance of our beautiful Cathedral.
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In other News: Brooklyn Catholic Media visits

The Chair: A new documentary in production

A film crew from DeSales Media Group from Brooklyn, New York selected our Cathedral of Saint Paul/National Shrine of the Apostle Paul to be featured in a series of programs featuring cathedrals around the U.S. They have given the series a fitting title, “The Chair,” referring to the bishop’s chair, or cathedra. Here’s a promotional clip for the series: The Chair.

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