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April 2021 Newsletter

Christians are in the middle of Holy Week, a busy time for parish life at the Cathedral of Saint Paul.

We thought it a fitting opportunity to feature an aspect of the Cathedral’s sacred architecture which ties into the Easter season. The splendid East Rose Window situated above the choir loft features the theme of Resurrection. “At the center stands the Lamb of God holding aloft the banner of victory over death,” writes Eric Hansen, author of The Cathedral of Saint Paul: An Architectural Biography

Surrounding and supporting this venerable Paschal symbol are the twelve apostles.

Saints Peter, Paul, James, and John, along with their respective symbols, are prominently featured, while the eight remaining apostles form the arms of the cross.

Charles Jay Connick 1875-1945

Charles J. Connick designed all of the Cathedral’s rose windows in the 1930s. At the time, the public regarded Connick as the world’s finest contemporary craftsman in stained glass.
Connick wrote this of his intentions behind the design and color choices: “An eastern rose window has a special appeal of its own. Its response to the first light of the morning — gray, then rosy, and finally a full burst of sunlight, symbolizes a spiritual awakening day after day.”

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