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March 2023 Newsletter

Introducing our Mandarin Chinese translator and narrator

Q: Describe your profession currently, or most recently.
A: Student
Q: Name the region and the city/town from which you call home in your native country: 
A: Chengdu, China

Q: What is your region or city best known for?
 A: My city is known for its traditional Szechuan-style spicy cuisine and for being the homeland of giant pandas.

Q: What led to your move to the U.S. and how long have you been here? A: I moved to the U.S. for a college education. I’m pursuing a degree in Classics, Linguistics, and Computer Science at Macalester College. I’ve been here for just over one year.

Q: Name a popular dish from your hometown and share a short description of what makes it delicious. A: Hot pot. We cook various vegetables, meat, and seafood in boiling hot pot broth. When the food is ready, we eat it with a dipping sauce of our own choice. The broth and dipping sauce are very spicy, and the famous Szechuan peppercorns often give us a numbing sensation.

Q: What aspect of the Cathedral delighted you most – or surprised you? A: My favorite part of the Cathedral would be the altar and the baldachin over it. I feel like being in St. Peter’s Basilica whenever I look up to the baldachin. They always surround me with a strong sense of holiness.
Q: Name a Cathedral or landmark church that would be of similar significance in your native country.
A: National Shrine and Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Sheshan

And now for a question related to the upcoming celebration on March 17th!

Question: Where can you touch a piece of Ireland in the Cathedral?

Answer: St. Patrick’s Chapel in the Shrines of Nations

People often visit this shrine on Saint Patrick’s Day. Visitors keep the vigil candles lit all day, and sometimes they leave a green carnation on the table.
You can also touch the Connemara marble imported from Ireland to adorn the chapel wall and floor in front of the chapel. Archbishop Ireland wanted his fellow Irish immigrants as well as all the immigrants to have a taste of home in these chapels. Each chapel features stone from the native homeland of its designated patron saint.

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