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Photo gallery from the 2021 Festival of Lights & other highlights

We received a great honor in hosting the United Kingdom’s Luxmuralis’ stunning light and sound installations for the second year.  And this time, we added an interior show.  More than 6,000 patrons came over the four evenings to see The Beginning, Starry Night and to visit our first-ever Cathedral Christmas Market.

Outside, we displayed a radiant show by Peter Walker. “The Beginning” shares the Nativity story using masterpieces from great artisans. The luminous imagery moves to the heart-soaring music compositions of David Harper.  To add a local flavor, Peter included two images from our Cathedral of Saint Paul’s artwork, the gold Byzantine-style mosaic of the Madonna and Child produced by the Vatican Studios, and the closing stained-glass window of the Holy Family created by Charles Connick. We added higher-powered projectors this year to add density and brilliance to the colors displayed on the Cathedral’s 150-foot eastern façade. One comment we heard and liked: “Extraordinary!”