Rose Windows

Cathedral St. Paul Rose window Restoration


In 2015-2016, the CHF has turned its focus to restoring the Cathedral’s famous rose windows, as iconic as the Cathedral’s dome. Attention will be given first to the South Rose Window (facing Selby Avenue) depicting the Beatitudes and American Saints, and to the North Rose Window (facing the Dayton Avenue side of the Cathedral) featuring the American Jesuit Martyrs, as the two most seriously in need of significant restoration and repair. In addition to replacing the lead with longer lasting lead alloy, the project includes washing off decades of dust and incense smoke. The restoration cost of these first two windows will be approximately $209,000. Once these two windows are completed, our attention will turn to repairing the East Rose Window – the “Resurrection” window – on the façade of the Cathedral facing John Ireland Boulevard. CHF is working closely with the Parish to determine the timing and funding for this critical project.


Help preserve the landmark

The Cathedral of Saint Paul is a historic landmark that is continually being improved and enhanced. The generosity of visitors and parishioners alike gives vital support to the Cathedral’s ongoing preservation.