A Collective Effort

Lighting the Cathedral

A comprehensive lighting study for the Cathedral is underway. Overseen by Curator Dr. John Dowdle, who arranged to brilliantly light the Cathedral’s façade for the 2007 Cathedral Cornerstone Centennial, this comprehensive analysis will evaluate and recommend potential improvements and enhancements to the Cathedral’s current interior and exterior lighting. It will focus on the most recent lighting technology, lighting placement, energy conservation, and design features to help improve interior light levels and enhance the visibility of the Cathedral on the Saint Paul skyline. Once the study is complete, CHF will present its recommendations to the Cathedral Parish, with potential next steps.

Cathedral St. Paul Lighting Restoration
Cathedral St. Paul Rose window Restoration

Rose Window

CHF has turned its focus to restoring the Cathedral’s famous rose windows, as iconic as the Cathedral’s dome. Each of the three rose windows measures an expansive 26 feet in diameter and is surrounded by 20 small rosette windows. Designed by Charles J. Connick, one of America’s premiere stained glass artists, the Cathedral’s rose windows remain among the finest examples of stained glass in the world.

After 75 years of exposure to the elements, the lead and grout holding the stained glass of all three windows has eroded to a critical point. All are at serious risk of loss of structural integrity and glass. In addition to replacing the lead with longer lasting lead alloy, the project includes washing off decades of dust and incense smoke.


Let it Shine

A $99,000 grant from the CHF provided funding to allow the Cathedral parish to clean and polish the 100-year-old marble floors throughout the main level of the church in celebration of the Cathedral’s centennial. To date, 13,500 square feet of 35 varieties of marble have been expertly repaired, honed and polished.