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April 2014 - Fred and Monica Muschenheim hear their Gallery keys and pedal sound.

April 2014 - Donor hears the Gallery Pedal Principal 16’ sound.

April 2014 - Susan Spiegelberg hears her Sanctuary Choir Concert Flute 8 Stop.

April 2014 - Donors listen to the Gallery Organ Chimes.

April 2014 - Dan Monson heard his Gallery Swell Keys C & D.

February 2014 - Cathedral Organist Lawrence Lawyer records organ music for Red Bull Crashed Ice Event

Bach Tocatta & Fugue in D Minor


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October 2013 - Olivier Latry gives a historic performance on the refurbished organs

October 2013 - Fine tuning the day before the Inaugural Organ Concert. Quimby Head Voicer Eric Johnson


October 2013 - KARE 11 reporter Brian Piatt stops by before the organ debut

October 2013 - Fox 9 reporter M.A. Rosko SOUNDS OFF! the new organ

August 2013 - Lawrence Lawyer sounds the trumpets!

July 31, 2013 - Test run of the gallery organ w. premiere organist Ken Cowan

June 27, 2013 - Fine Tuning with Organ Builder Michael Quimby

June 2013 - Tuning of the gallery organ is nearing completion

April 2013 - Mary Millette - Why I sponsored a pipe

April 2013 - Retired organist "Sounds Off!" about the Cathedral organs

April 2013 - A conversation with the King’s College Choir before their performance at the Cathedral

March 2013 - Get behind the scenes with TPT-TV’s Almanac

March 2013 - Cathedral organ restoration nearing completion - Catholic Spirit

March 2013 - Learning about wind power in a pipe organ

March 2013 - What reporters will do for their job

February 2013 - Organ Project: Week 3 of the final phase

February 2013 - Acoustics in the Cathedral of Saint Paul

February 2013 - Carved swag for pipe organ casework

February 2013 - Raising the new organ console

February 14, 2013 - Fr. John Ubel shares a moment of relief with Quimby Pipe Organ workers.

January 14, 2013 - New organ consoles arrives

January 2013 - Red Bull Crashed Ice

May 2012 - Music Director Robert Ridgell SOUNDS OFF! on Comcast Newsmakers.

September 2011 - Twin Cities Live segment with Emily Engberg on the Cathedral of Saint Paul's pipe organ restoration project.