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Help Restore and Preserve our National Treasure


For the past four winters, international media have zeroed in on the Cathedral’s east rose window as the focal point during the breathtaking Red Bull Crashed Ice event. Staged over the front steps of the church, athletes careen down an icy track past the iconic 26-foot stained glass masterpiece, belying the fragile nature of their backdrop.
The structural lead frame holding the stained glass has succumbed to harsh and varying extremes of Minnesota weather. Sun, wind, artic temperatures, heat and humidity over the past 75 years have eroded the windows to a perilous state. Experts at Gaytee Palmer Stained Glass determined the north and south windows risked losing glass if emergency restoration did not take place before winter. “When you just touched them, they shook,” said Al Palmer, who encouraged Cathedral leadership to commission their restoration. “The only thing that was keeping them from falling out was that storm window.” Restoration has begun on the south rose window and plans are to begin restoring the north window in early October. The cost to restore both windows will be approximately $209,000. In addition to replacing the lead with longer lasting lead alloy, the project includes washing off decades of dust and incense smoke. Adding the east rose window next year, the total cost for restoring all three windows will be $300,000.  The Cathedral Heritage Foundation invites community support.

If you would like to help restore and preserve these icons for the next century, please donate to the Cathedral Heritage Foundation, #rosewindow. Follow the hashtag on facebook and twitter feeds for weekly updates on the project.


For the thousands of visitors who come to the Cathedral each year, the rose windows are what they remember.

Light streaming through transparent panes “leaves the viewers with a sense of other worldliness and magic well-being.” Charles Connick’s own words, as the designer of the Cathedral’s rose windows and among the finest American craftsman in stained glass in the early 20th century, perfectly capture the impact of these windows.

Quick facts:
• The Cathedral has three rose windows installed in the 1930’s and 40’s.
• Each window measures 26 feet including the 20 small rosette windows encircling the larger window.
• North window medallions features the eight American Jesuit Martyrs 

• South window features American saints exemplifying the Eight Beatitudes

• East Rose window depicts the Resurrection

To hear the stories behind each of the designs, watch our feature on the St. Paul Cathedral virtual tour 

Please consider a gift to the Cathedral Heritage Foundation to support this important restoration work. Gifts may be made online at
For more information on how you can help preserve the Cathedral of Saint Paul, contact us via email ( or call the Development Office at 651-300-6590.

Photo by Doug Ohman


$4.7 Million


$14 Million


$4.7 Million remains of a $35 Million dollar effort on the emergency restoration of the Cathedral’s copper dome and roof in 2000-02. The work was necessary to preserve this Beaux Arts landmark which is still 
the highest point in Saint Paul in more ways than one!

Thank you to all our generous parishioners and community supporters. We have finished the $3.4 million project. The Oct 24th Inaugural Organ Concert marked the completion of the restoration of the organ project. Thank you to all our donors.

$14 Million is needed to repair the interior damage caused by leaks in the dome and roof before the exterior restoration. Not simply aesthetic, the damage affects the stone as well as the ornamental plasterwork of the interior. The mechanical infrastructure of the Cathedral is also overdue for improvement/replacement.

Let It Shine! Update: A $118,600 grant from the CHF to the Cathedral of Saint Paul, National Shrine of the Apostle Paul to restore, hone and polish the 100-year old marble throughout the Cathedral is finished. Even the baldachin and bronze grilles received a good thorough dusting. We hope you stop by and walk around to experience the brilliant results. The final step in the project will be repairing and cleaning the travertine stone floor of the main church later in the year. We have more photos on our FB page

 “There should be no one who, entering the Cathedral, is not able to say…‘it is mine.’”
~ Archbishop John Ireland 1838-1918

Please be generous in helping to preserve the Cathedral of Saint Paul for centuries to come.

Thank you to all who have contributed to our much needed restoration projects at the Cathedral. We are making progress thanks to you!