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Festival fundraiser aims to illuminate Cathedral of St. Paul

Festival fundraiser aims to illuminate Cathedral of St. Paul

By admin in Events, Media, Projects on 09/15/2017

Cathedral St. Paul Lighting Restoration

Things have gotten a bit dim in and around the century-old Cathedral of St. Paul these days. A fundraising effort by the Cathedral Heritage Foundation (CHF) aims to change that.

Shedding new light on the historic and much-visited church on St. Paul’s highest point is the goal of the foundation’s sixth annual Cathedral Festival of Lights fundraiser Sept. 23.

Money raised will go to switch over all of the cathedral’s lighting to LED lights to improve illumination and conserve energy. The first phase of the project’s three phases will focus on brightening the 1.5-acre interior, which includes many dimly lit side chapels and dozens of burned out ceiling and cornice lights. Approximately 800 LED lights are needed to upgrade and replace the existing interior lighting, officials said.

“With grant funding from the CHF, we were able to get started on this process over the winter, and already the energy savings have been substantial and far outweigh the investment in LED lights,” said the Rev. John Ubel, rector of the Cathedral of St. Paul. “Plus, the new LED lights have a ‘life span’ measured in years. Once the transition has been completed, this could save us as much as 20 hours in maintenance per month and reduce our energy bills by 30 percent or more.”

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